You and I album as MP3s

You and I album as MP3s

A collection of songs and music, without words, that speaks to you in the language of pure sound, the language of emotions.  Violin with classical guitar, piano and keyboards. 

Note: This is a digital download of the entire You and I album as MP3s.

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  1. You and I (Stevie Wonder)
  2. Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington)
  3. Bring Him Home (from Les Miserables)
  4. Nimrod (from Elgar's Enigma Variations)
  5. Summersleep (Martin Lass original)
  6. Spring (from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi)
  7. Nature Boy
  8. The Swan (from The Carnival of the Animals)
  9. All in Love is Fair (Stevie Wonder)
  10. Vocalise (by Rachmaninov)
  11. Burn for You (John Farnham hit)
  12. A Forgotten Face (Martin Lass original)
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